Study Abroad Options

Depending on your course and school of study, the study abroad options available to you may differ. At UEA, we offer both single semester placements (in the Spring semester of second year) and full year placements (in the third year of a four-year course). Selected schools of study also offer split years, allowing you to take your two semesters at different universities in different countries.

To find out more about the study abroad options available for you, go to our Study Abroad – Outgoing Students page on the UEA website. To read about the experiences of our students on each of our study abroad placement options, click the links below!

Year Abroad

Generally, third year of a four-year degree is spent abroad

Semester Abroad

Generally, semester two of second year is spent abroad

Split Year

A full year is spent abroad, with each of two semesters spent in a different country at a different partner institution

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