“All of this has made me a more independent and confident person.” -AMA student, Alethea, on the social and academic benefits of studying abroad.

Whenever someone from home asks me: “how’s Oklahoma?”, I find myself simply replying: “it’s good”. Not because I don’t have a multitude of things to talk about, but because it’s difficult to summarise exactly ‘how Oklahoma is’, and what part explicitly they’re interested in me telling. There’s so much to say about studying abroad, but…

“The culture shock I experienced came in the physical representation of my first breakfast burrito…”, American Studies student, James, on his year at the University of New Mexico.

            At risk of sounding unbearably cliché, it is tricky to know the best way to summarise the best year of my life in, give or take, five hundred words. Rewind to exactly one year ago today and I was heading off, exceptionally nervously, on my study abroad placement to the University of New Mexico….