“Engaging, funny, and covered an incredible amount of different topics” – International Summer School Student Katsiaryna.

It has been over a month since I took a plane back home from the UK, and although the summer is over, the memories of my time at UEA’s Undergraduate International Summer School are still there, fresh and vibrant. From the very beginning of my summer school experience at the meeting point in Heathrow Airport, to the very last goodbye by the departure gates, this has been a unique and unforgettable journey all the way through.


My typical day at UEA would always start with a nice walk to class through Earlham Park, a picturesque green area on the edge of campus. I have to say that the most surprising thing about this summer school for me were the classes themselves. They were engaging, funny, diverse and covered an incredible amount of different topics, so when it was time for the final assessment, choosing what exactly to write my essay about was the most difficult part (turns out academic classes can be the opposite of boring and monotonous!). During our lunch break in the middle of the day, we would often have a little picnic by the lakeside, where we would sunbathe and watch the dogs run around and play in the water. UEA’s campus is so beautiful during the summertime, and during hot days in July the lake area was the main attraction for all.

Later in the day, we would either have free time to explore Norwich, which is always full of life and events (and the locals are so friendly!), or have an organised event to attend. Those were my favorite! The riverside cruise, pub quiz and summer school celebrations, the UEA staff did an amazing job putting it all together. We also had two academic field trips to London, which took the whole day. It was an amazing opportunity to gain new knowledge and experiences through actually seeing places like the Supreme Court of the UK in person. Other modules had their own programmes for the field trips, which I’ve heard were just as interesting!


Going on those little trips and traveling around the country – that must be what I loved doing the most during this summer school. Seeing London, the Harry Potter studio, the English seaside – I’ve never even dreamt I would have an opportunity to see and experience so much in such a short period of time. Besides that, the events organised by the University team were well-balanced with our free time, which we could also use for traveling. For instance, my new friends and I went to see Oxford and Cambridge during our free weekends, and there were so many other options for how we could spend our time!


All in all, every day I spent in the UK was full of memories, new acquaintances and friends, interesting lectures, events and parties. Looking back, I don’t regret anything! Coming to the UEA and participating in the Undergraduate International Summer School was the best decision I could make. I’m beyond grateful for having that opportunity, grateful to the whole team and staff for organising such an amazing summer school and grateful to all the great people I met along the way. Needless to say, I miss these times a lot and I would absolutely love to go back to the beautiful city of Norwich and the University of East Anglia one day. And I’m more than sure that anyone who ever takes part in it would feel the same.


Katsiaryna, from Belarus, participated in UEA’s Summer Program in 2018 studying Global Media and Communications Law. To find out how you could have a summer like Katsiaryna’s, click here.

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