“When you’re studying abroad you have to make the most of it; when you have the chance to, grab it with both hands!” by Joel from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

I’m originally from Sydney, Australia and I study Psychology at Macquarie University in Sydney. Originally I applied to study abroad in either Switzerland or Denmark, but I was accepted into the University of East Anglia without really knowing where Norwich was. As I’ve just finished my semester at UEA I can say it really doesn’t matter where you go, it’s all about the experience, but Norwich was such a good place to go to. Norwich is homely, quiet and feels really safe and UEA has brilliant facilities and transport links.

UEA Oct2014 _MG_4682_Joakim Boren
Campus in the golden hour

At UEA I studied in the Schools of Politics, Philosophy and Language and Communication Studies; Mathematics; and International Development. There are differences between Macquarie and UEA. The classes at UEA are smaller and attendance is mandatory. The biggest difference though is how involved the students are across UEA campus. At Macquarie it feels like all of the decisions are made by the staff high up in the university so the students have less input. UEA Students Union really motivates students to get involved; students have a meaningful voice and uea|su promotes to students to have a good time. I joined the Touch Rugby Club and I really liked that it was student run. If I could have this university experience back home that would be perfect.

village_03_Pete Huggins _Camera Techniques Ltd_
The UEA Village accommodation

Living  in the UEA Village has been the first time I’ve lived away from Australia, and from home. I was living with mostly UK residents from all over the country. The Study Abroad Office at UEA made everything really easy and they are always quick to apply to emails, from helping you with your classes to accommodation. Norwich and UEA felt like home within a week! What I’ll miss most about Norwich and UEA is just walking around such a calm, relaxed and friendly place. I’ve had the opportunity to travel since being in the UK; I’ve seen literally every corner of the UK and I’ve also had the chance to travel across Europe. Before I head back to Australia I’m going to go to Iceland and Scandinavia. When you’re studying abroad you have to make the most of it; when you have the chance to, grab it with both hands!

Others have said what a great place Norwich and UEA is, but I’ll reiterate it: study abroad at UEA, I really recommend it!

Featured image by Steve Arnold, via Flickr Creative Commons. 


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