“The time feels like it is going so quickly” – Yiwen Pan at The University of Technology Sydney

Hello, I am Stephanie Pan. I started my year abroad at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in August 2016 and will finish in July 2017. As I am enjoying my life in Sydney the time feels like it is going so quickly.

The UTS is in the centre of the city and the buildings are decentralised around it. The picture below is of the Business School, the appearance of it is so exaggerated but I like it. Also, near the UTS, it has central station. The transportation here is very easy.bsuiness building

I live in on-campus accommodation. There are lots of year abroad students living here and we are able to communicate and share our experiences with each other. In the picture, it shows the internal structure of my accommodation. In addition, the housing staff are very sweet, they put our images of our national flags on our door so that when people come over, they can know where we are from.


In my spare time, I like go to many places in Sydney, such as Opera House, Hyde Park, Blue Mountain, all of which are beautiful.

I have made some Korean and Japanese friends here. They are all friendly and welcoming. I like my current life in Sydney, I have good friends, good learning environments and comfortable living spaces. I hope you can also choose to study abroad in Australia in the future.

Yiwen studies Business Management at UEA and is currently taking part on her year abroad at The University of Technology Sydney




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