“Going to UEA and living abroad was the best idea I ever had…” Charlotte, Erasmus student from Lyon, France

When I arrived in UEA, I was an Erasmus student, studying Law. I came from Universite Jean-Moulin Lyon 3 Lyon, France in my fourth year. Not a lot of people chose to leave for another country during their Law study. I decided to live abroad because I did not know where I was in my life at that time, I wanted to stop Law and I needed time to think about something else. I also considered that the English language is really important now, in every kind of job you need to be good in English, or even just if you want to travel. Going to UEA and living abroad was the best idea I ever had and I definitely do not regret it. I warmly recommend it to anyone as it is the best experience you can have during your studies!

My time in UEA was really different than in France, particularly when you are a Law student. It was way more peaceful in the UK. I had fewer lectures, but more time in the library. Teachers are always here to help us and give us a lot of their time; I really appreciated that aspect of the studies. Because I had less lectures, I had more time to enjoy life and discover Norwich. I always consider it as a small city but there is so much things to do and it is so beautiful!! It was not as rainy as we think. I also loved to spend time on the campus, which is incredible with the lake, the park, the buildings, the museum… the Law building Earlham Hall was so incredible!


Charlotte Charpentier1


Living in Norwich, discovering new experiences and cultures, and being part of UEA changed so many things for me. Before that, I would have never imagine to live somewhere other than Lyon, France. But now I really hope to spend at least some years in a foreign country. When I came back to France, I decided to study something else. I have chosen Management of Information Systems because I know that I can work abroad with this degree. In addition, every company asks for a good English level, so it is an advantage for me to have made an Erasmus exchange compared to other candidates for internship that had never lived abroad.

Thank you so much, UEA!


Charlotte Charpentier


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