“Go to UEA, you won’t regret it.” Elena from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

My experience at UEA was so much better than I predicted. I’ve always wanted to study in an English university, but it’s so expensive that I never thought my dream would come true, but it did, and I’m so glad I went!

UEA is, from my point of view, the best university in the world! I only went for a year and I immediately felt part of the university. If someone asks me in the future “which university did you go to?” I will say UEA. I felt so welcomed in the University, in the community, and in the country. I would go back without having to think about it.

UEA is such an international university, you can meet people from almost everywhere in the world. There are so many clubs and activities that you will always have something to do. I joined the Language and Communication Society and the Photography Society and I had a great time in both, met amazing people and learned so much.

The facilities the university have are incredible, not only in the classroom but on campus in general. The library felt like a second home sometimes and on the campus you had everything you needed: from a bank, to a supermarket, to coffee shops.

I enjoyed that the university was surrounded by nature. Having walks around the lake was great after a long day of studying, for meeting friends on a Sunday morning, or for taking pictures with the Photography Society.

The modules I took gave me the opportunity to win some professional experience, something I couldn’t do in my home university, the Complutense University of Madrid. My translation group and I did a translation for a historic house museum and they published it! I was also able to participate as a teaching assistant in Spanish oral classes for the year. In my interpreting class, we went to the hospital to have a professional experience in interpreting. We did so with the medical students so they could learn how to work with an interpreter. I was only able to have these experiences because I went to UEA. I have other friends, who went on Erasmus to other universities in England and Europe and they didn’t have these professional experiences.

I miss UEA a lot, I miss the friends I made and I miss my life there too. My experience at UEA made me grow so much as a person and I notice it in every aspect of my life. It helped me to become a more efficient and responsible adult and it gave me the chance to meet wonderful people that now I consider friends. So I would totally recommend it to the people who are thinking about going to UEA; go, you won’t regret it.

Elena Arbe Milara (Photo credit: Anita Bērziņa)



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