“Life begins where your comfort zone ends.” Nicole from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada.

A year ago I studied abroad for six months at UEA and it forever changed my life. The memories, independence and experiences gained were invaluable and incomparable. I’m Nicole and I’m a Business student from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada. Although studying abroad may seem daunting, I would highly recommend it! UEA is the highest rated University in the country for student satisfaction and it shows in the students. The campus fosters an indescribable sense of community that I had never experienced anywhere else.

Despite being a Business student, I decided to study History and Computing Science during my time at UEA. The courses were interesting and I valued learning from a different perspective, one I never would have received in Canada. UEA is a very pretty campus and used to be a golf course. It is also home to many cute rabbits so you’ll never really be alone during your stay. There is a huge sports facility, a 24/7 library, a small shop, an on campus pub and The LCR, which is the student night club. It is part of British culture to have a beer with someone to socialise and get to know them better so don’t hesitate to order a pint at the campus pub with your new flat mates. I lived in the UEA Village and became extremely close friends with my flat mates. I also became friends with a group of Erasmus students who I met at a UEA organized pizza dinner on the night of my arrival (which you should go to even if you’re tired!). With friends from so many different countries I was able to experience a plethora of different cultures.




It was daunting to move to a new country and live there for months, but life begins where your comfort zone ends. I made friends from all over the world and experienced many different cultures and customs from both England and the European exchange students I met. I built confidence and independence, as well as global awareness. It was both surprising and interesting to not only observe, but fully experience how differently people live in other parts of the world. Time abroad went by so quickly, but I loved every second of it. The experiences and friendships I made at UEA had a lasting impression on me. Since returning home from my semester abroad I have even gone back to England to visit my old flat mates and I am considering England as a place to live in the future.

Oh, UEA is wonderful.


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