“I met the whole world at UEA.” Carolina from Brazil, exchange student in Environmental Sciences.

Hello, my name is Carolina Crivelin. I am from Brazil and I lived in Norwich for just over a year. I joined the 12 week English course at INTO UEA and did an academic year in Environmental Sciences at UEA, sponsored by the Science Without Borders scholarship.

I was impressed with UEA facilities and physical structure. The campus is amazing. The library has many floors, accommodations are cozy, and the Sports Park is right there if you like sports. You can easily buy food at student union shop, you can go dancing at LCR and, surprisingly, we have three pubs inside campus! Imagine all of this surrounded by a huge green area and a lake, in a city that still keeps medieval streets! I confess I was not expecting so much from a small city such as Norwich, but the city exceeded all my expectations. Norwich has the best Fish and chips in England (in my humble opinion), it is great for shopping and there is always a new pub to find.



The Birdcage, Norwich


My classes were delightful. My favourite module was ‘The Carbon Cycle and Climate Change’. The module was very organized, the subject is very current and the professor was a world reference for studies on this field and, still, he was a humble man who always provided a good mood. He was the best professor I have ever had.

I joined two societies last year: Salsa and Christian Union. The Salsa Society is a very lively dancing society in which I could find my Brazilian roots. We had lots of parties and classes with a Cuban professor. My experience on Christian Union was very comforting because people there made me feel loved and welcomed in a foreign country. Through Christian Union I heard about World Cafe, an organization out of campus that welcomes and cares about international people. They give us help with English, emotional support, talks, free food, and true friendship. During Christmas I would be by myself on campus and I received a few invitations to spend the holiday with their families. It was deeply significant to me.

I think the greatest point about my exchange was that I was planning to know England, but I met the whole world at UEA. I shared my flat with people from Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Israel and also Brazil. We were like a family, despite being of different cultural and religious backgrounds. I was the only Western student in my class at INTO during my first months in the UK. Besides, compared to the dimensions of my home country, Europe is small. I took this advantage and I travelled a lot. I visited 10 countries during my year abroad.

Currently, I am back in Brazil, finishing my Environmental Engineering degree at UNESP- Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho. This experience made me want to live abroad again, moreover, I found out I am passionate for science. I am planning to go for a Master’s in Environmental Sciences abroad. Who knows…? I could be back at UEA!



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