University of Rhode Island, Kingston, USA

My on the road journey started in the smallest US state – Rhode Island. As a biology undergraduate I was fortunate enough to be partnered with the University of Rhode Island for a whole academic year. While this was the institution I was tied too, I definitely made the most of my time abroad and traveled many roads.

It is important to remember that while the US is a whole unified country, every single state has its own identity, from its car registration plates to its individual laws. This means that the culture shock can be pretty big, especially as everywhere you go you’ll find different people with different views eating different food. For me though, this was exciting, an opportunity to really see as much of this great diverse country and really enrich my experience abroad.

Despite humble beginnings in the smallest state I travelled to 24 more, as well as Canada. With this experience I was fortunate enough to meet some of the most amazing people who had seen and done the most incredible things. I went to Mammoth Cave (Kentucky) – the largest underground cave system in the world; Savannah, Georgia – the home of Forrest Gump’s famous park bench and East Egg, New York – where The Great Gatsby story is set. These are a handful of the experiences I was able to indulge in and there is still plenty more for me to see.

I challenge you to see more and make your own stories,

Sam Lane, Biological Sciences

Running up from the Mississippi River in Tennessee
Running up from the Mississippi River in Tennessee.
Lake Champlain in Vermont
Lake Champlain in Vermont

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