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Welcome to Brilliant Abroad! We have made the blog with the intention that this will be a space for students to share their experiences whilst they are abroad, and allow students thinking about studying abroad to understand what is involved and how fun it can be.  Our aim is to publish a blog post weekly and these can consist of third years currently abroad, fourth years looking back on their experiences or an insight into the inner workings of the Outgoing team at the University of East Anglia.

My name is Olivia Lefley and I was fortunate to study abroad as part of my American Studies course last year. Whilst at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts I threw myself into university life and met friends for life. In order to demonstrate fully how vast, amazing and so richly rewarding studying abroad was, I would bore everyone and have blog post the length of a novel! However my main advice to anyone considering studying abroad would be to do it! And once you are there say yes to all the opportunities that arise.

Whist abroad I was able to take classes that I had no experience in, consequently found a love for letterpress and undertook work experience in Boston. Not only this, before I had left the UK I quaked at the idea of travelling across the USA on my own, but the confidence I gained throughout the year enabled me to stay in a hostel on my own for two weeks and travel with a group of strangers across the American South during the summer.

I hope that you find this blog inspiring to read and that it gives you a small insight into the wonderful opportunity that studying abroad at UEA gives.

San Francisco,  June 2014.
San Francisco, June 2014.
Boston, May 2014.
Boston, May 2014.
My roommates, and friends for life.
My roommates, and friends for life.

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